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Emotion-Focused Psychotherapy is the process of discovering, accessing and healing of emotional wounds from one’s childhood/early adulthood, which is impacting in a negative way in one’s current adult life. This can present as difficulties in relationships, low self-esteem and negative view of oneself, negative thoughts or behaviour, depression, anxiety, difficulties coping with life challenges and transitions, PTSD, physical symptoms/conditions with no medical basis or difficulties accessing or expressing emotions/feelings.

Psychotherapy is usually a longer journey than Counselling as it is more in-depth and deals with the root causes, and healing, of such concerns or conditions, thereby helping one to positively change thoughts, feelings/emotions and behaviours.

Have any of the following been your past experience/s:

  • Childhood abuse — emotional, physical or sexual
  • Neglect during childhood — physical or emotional
  • Loss of, or chronic illness of, a significant figure / loved one
  • Trauma of any kind
  • Abandonment by a parent or other significant figure
  • Severe bullying at school
  • Excessive Criticism from parent or other authority figure

If you can relate to any of the above and are struggling with some aspect of your life or self, then Psychotherapy with me may be able to help you overcome the challenges you are facing in life and feel happier within yourself.

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