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Attending individual counselling with a professional counsellor who has years of experience will help you to find a way back into a more positive and happy life
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There are many different issues that can lead to feelings of ANXIETY,  even PANIC or DEPRESSION
You are experiencing these negative feelings but don’t know why!!

Whatever the case, individual counselling can help.

Certain Issues and negative thoughts and feelings can significantly affect your quality of life, impacting on almost all areas of your everyday living and leave you experiencing a whole range of negative emotions —- such as stress, feeling burned out, anxious, worried, sad, angry, resentful, easily frustrated or intolerant, depressed or in a state of panic!

individual counselling and psychotherapy

Can You Relate To Any Of The Following?

  • I feel completely overwhelmed and like I have no control over my own life!! I feel really anxious a lot of the time.
  • I’m constantly worrying about so many things and can’t seem to stop! I know I make mountains out of molehills and it’s starting to affect my relationships with my family and friends!
  • I hide behind a smile and friendly manner but inside I feel terrible — my family and friends would be shocked if they could see inside me!!
  • I’m really busy at work and have a lot of responsibility with deadlines to meet and I just can’t seem to leave work at work and I’m exhausted and cranky all the time —- I’m really feeling burned out
  • Some mornings I wake up and have to talk myself into getting up and get going!
  • I’m just so exhausted from worrying all the time!
  • It’s been a while now since he died but I just can’t get used to him not being here!!
  • Lately, some of my friends and my partner keep asking me what’s the matter and I do feel lousy but I don’t know why!
  • I think I’m having panic attacks but I don’t know what to do —- sometimes I feel like I’m cracking up completely but I don’t want anyone to know!! I need some help!
  • I keep thinking ‘surely, I can be happier than this, enjoy life more’
  • I don’t want the next ten years to be like the last ten years!! Things have to get better somehow!
  • I know that my childhood is still affecting my adult life and relationships and I need someone to help stop the pain, sadness and anger and to heal those past wounds
  • I just feel so angry and so hurt since my partner left!!
  • I’ve been to counselling before and I understand WHY I feel the way I do but I still FEEL AWFUL!! I just want to FEEL BETTER, FEEL HAPPIER??!!

You may be asking, ‘surely, I can be happier than this?

Whatever the case, relationship counselling can help.

I can help you to work through and resolve those ongoing problems or one-off problematic situations! I can help you to resolve the pain and negative feelings that are interfering with your daily life or with a relationship, to regain your feelings of stability, happiness or contentment.

How Can I Help?

I Can Help:

individual counselling and psychotherapy

  • Ease your pain
  • Overcome or effectively manage your anxiety or panic
  • Reduce or even eliminate the levels of stress you are experiencing
  • Teach you techniques and new skills to manage difficult life situations much better
  • You to feel more confident and increase your self-esteem
  • To become more assertive without being aggressive
  • You to challenge your negative thoughts and hence, feel happier and more positive
  • Teach you how to reduce and manage anger or aggressive behaviour
  • You to think rationally and stop worrying unnecessarily
  • You to resolve, manage or adjust to life situations that cannot be changed
  • To explore your concerns and identify any blind spots
  • To make positive changes in your life
  • You to take control of your life
  • Resolve childhood, or young adulthood, issues or traumas and resolve the associated pain and negative feelings that are impacting adversely in your current life and relationships
  • Discover and work through the root cause/s of the negative feelings you are experiencing

I Can Help You Move Towards A Happier Life

Many Of The Individuals I Work With Report:

  • Feeling more positive in general and once again experiencing pleasure in their daily life
  • Being able to let go of the anxiety and panic that used to interfere in their life
  • Overcoming the pain, anger and sadness to do with his/her childhood
  • Adjusting to a life without the person they love/ed
  • Feeling more energetic and enthusiastic about their future
  • Being Free of the emotional pain they had been experiencing
  • Being able to effectively challenge negative thinking
  • Making positive changes in their lives
  • Improvement in their relationships with family and friends
  • Being able to manage difficult life situations much better than he/she used to do
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence; being able to be more assertive about their own wants and needs

Take the first step to getting rid of the pain in your life and feeling happier

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My Approach

Individual Counselling at Colleen Hurll Counselling will help you to not only feel better and resolve your issues but also to explore, discover and work through the root cause of the negative feelings you are experiencing and that are adversely affecting your daily life and relationships!

I believe that thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all entwined and so my approach is to help you in each of these areas using a variety of counselling skills and techniques to meet your personal style and needs.. Keeping in mind, however, that is one’s feelings and the urge to overcome the pain in your life that is prompting you to seek some help.

Therefore, whilst considering all three areas I focus on your feelings and help you to discover the root causes of your pain, worry, sadness, anger, anxiety or stress and so obtain long term relief and not just short term gain.

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I am passionate about helping you Move Towards A Happier Life!!

Life doesn’t always go to plan!! The unexpected happens or several smaller issues pile up at once or sometimes it’s a major issue that interferes in our daily life and happiness — such as the breakdown of a relationship, loss of a job, constant pressure to perform well, someone you love dies or has a chronic illness, bullying or constant criticism from another, financial losses, a traumatic incident!  Any of these situations can adversely affect your self-esteem and self-confidence and manifest as feelings of anxiety, stress, guilt, depression or grief!

‘Asking for help doesn’t come easily for many people!  However, meeting with a warm, supportive and unbiased Professional Counsellor can be hugely beneficial during those difficult life situations —- a Counsellor who will listen to, understand and empathise with your story and help you to explore your concerns (including your thoughts, feelings and behaviours),  thereby helping to identify any blind spots and to resolve or adjust to the issue/s at hand and, most importantly, to work through and resolve the painful and negative emotions surrounding those issues.


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Client Reviews

Colleen Hurll was my counsellor during some stressful times of my life. I found her extremely helpful and insightful in helping me cope with my various situations. She is a great listener, always manages to look at your situation in an objective fashion and is never judgemental. I have a very happy and complete life now and I have Colleen to thank for helping me achieve that. I would recommend Colleen’s services to anyone who is in need of any kind of help in regards to getting back control of their lives.


I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be around today without Colleen’s help! Her
brochure arrived in my letterbox at just the right time…..I was depressed, in self-destruct mode and generally, life was not enjoyable; my mother’s death being the catalyst for me having to actually stop and deal with the past.

It was a long road, as old and new issues intertwined but Colleen chipped away the layers to find the root causes of my feelings and she taught me valuable coping skills.

As well as being intuitive, Colleen is caring and connected. Her ability to listen, and interpret what people hide from themselves, is a wonderful gift. I am more than grateful for her help and expertise and would highly recommend her as a knowledgeable and supportive Counsellor and Psychotherapist.


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How Long Is An Individual Session?

Individual sessions are for 60 minutes unless prior arrangements are made. I also offer 90-minute consultations if you would like a longer individual session.

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