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Benefits of Individuals Doing Relationship Counselling

Individual Counselling

Relationship counselling is a way for couples to work out conflicts and issues that are threatening their relationship. If you're enthusiastic about getting couple counselling, hopefully, your partner feels the same - but that's not always the … [Continue reading]

A Guide for Dealing with Separation and Divorce

Dealing with Separation and Divorce

Relationships are intensely emotional connections. When a relationship comes to an end, you are going to experience physical and emotional pain. For those who are married and facing separation or divorce, you are probably wondering how to cope with … [Continue reading]

7 Things Pre-Marriage Counselling Can Do for You

Pre-Marital Counselling

Though most people go into it knowing that marriage is work, it is hard to really understand the emotional drain, loss of identity, and mental stress that can quickly enter the picture, for better or for worse. Ideally, you as a couple will get … [Continue reading]

How to Bridge The Couple Communication Gap

Bridging the couple communication gap

We hardly hear of a couple who did not have a few bumps in their life. All relationship problems stem from the fact that relationships involve two different individuals. They contribute two different sets of emotions, experiences, beliefs, point of … [Continue reading]

Tips for Overcoming a Panic Attack

Tips for Overcoming a Panic Attack

A panic attack can present in many forms. It may be the impending sense of doom that you feel. The breathlessness or the racing heart beat that makes you rush to the nearest hospital. It may even present as uncomfortable muscle spasms or nausea that … [Continue reading]

Depression: Symptoms and Types

Overcoming depression

Have you ever felt a lack of interest or pleasure in activities that you previously enjoyed? Are you having sudden bursts of anger that you can’t justify? Sleeping too much or a lack of appetite may be some of the other clues that might be hinting at … [Continue reading]

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