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Benefits of Individuals Doing Relationship Counselling

If you’re enthusiastic about getting couple counselling, hopefully, your partner feels the same – but that’s not always the case. There are benefits of doing individual therapy for your relationship problems.

A Guide for Dealing with Separation and Divorce

As you take your first steps on the road to recovery, your greatest coping mechanism will be acceptance. It is important that you realise you do not have to do this alone, seek professional guidance.

7 Things Pre-Marriage Counselling Can Do for You

Pre-marriage counselling can be a romantic and affirming experience for you and your future spouse. It will give you a firm foundation, hope, and a positive outlook for a loving and long-lasting marriage.

How to Bridge The Couple Communication Gap

We hardly hear of a couple who did not have a few bumps in their life. All relationship problems stem from the fact that relationships involve two different individuals. They contribute two different sets of […]

Tips for Overcoming a Panic Attack

A panic attack can present in many forms, an impending sense of doom, breathlessness or a racing heartbeat. It may even present as uncomfortable muscle spasms or nausea.

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