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Relationship Counselling

Discover the underlying negative patterns in your communication with each other and create positive new connections and renew intimacy.

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Individual Counselling

Resolve issues and discover and work through the root cause of the negative feelings you are experiencing and resolve disturbing issues.

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Anxiety/Depression/Stress Counselling

Anxiety/depression/stress can have a significant negative impact on your life, your work, social activities, relationships and your sense of self.

Anxiety/depression/stress counselling is an effective treatment that teaches you the skills to overcome and gain control of your anxious thoughts.

I will teach you skills to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings that are causing you to feel unhappy, depressed, anxious or stressed.

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Healing past childhood wounds or traumas that are still impacting on your life, holding you back, preventing you from finding/being your True Self.

Session times 

I am available for appointments during the following hours:

Monday – Friday 8am-7pm (Excluding Tuesdays)
Saturday 8am -5pm
Sunday by negotiation

Each session is for 60 minutes.

Face to Face, In-Person Counselling Sessions Available

I am registered as a COVID safe business. I have a COVID-19 Safety plan and am committed to keeping my clients safe. COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate required upon the first visit.

Phone counselling is also available if preferred.

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Call me now on  0413 181 320.

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